We need to stop wars.

We are committed to blockchain + charity
As long as there are still wars in the world
our cause of peace will not stop.

Project Overview

Throughout history, people are always the greatest victims in wars.

A war has caused an indelible negative impact on the world economy and people's livelihood, and it has also turned many people in the world into refugees...Such as World War II, which was a global military conflict that lasted from 1939 ( even 1931) to 1945. It was also the largest number of civilian deaths on record, with a total death toll of 70 million, making it the deadliest war in human history. We love peace and don't like war, but in this world, the sound of guns, artillery and explosions is far more than the sound of firecrackers and salutes. We against war and dislike it because the days of war are full of artillery fire. A large area of thick smoke is everywhere, which not only pollutes the air and ozone layer, but also makes many people lose their lives, relatives and homes. Looking at the current Ukrainian Russian war, not only many people are wrapped up in clothes, but also the number of refugees in the world has increased again. We aim to call for peace and against war.


The situation of refugees in the world

86% of people are in developing countries

Developing countries host most of the world's refugees and Venezuelans displaced from home

73% of people are in neighboring countries

Most refugees and Venezuelans displaced from home live in neighbouring countries of origin.

68% of people come from just five countries

More than two-thirds of refugees and Venezuelans displaced abroad come from just five countries

Populations forced to displace

Children make up about 30% of the global population, but 42% of those forced to displace

Populations forced to displace

Children make up about 30% of the global population, but 42% of those forced to displace

Populations forced to displace

Children make up about 30% of the global population, but 42% of those forced to displace

The Tokenomics

25% Pre-sale

15% Mobility

53% Black hole destruction(Locked for 100 years)

2% Charity supplies(locked for 2 months)

5% Charity marketing(locked for 2 months)

Taken name :Peace
Distribute chain:BSC
Total issuance:840000000
Black hole destruction(Locked for 100 years): 53%
Charity supplies(locked for 2 months): 2%
Pre-sale: 25%
Mobility: 15%
Charity marketing(locked for 2 months): 5%
Transaction fee: 10% tax for each transaction (3% for refugee donation, 2% for destruction and 5% for marketing)
Contract address:0x7692b37848dc1520F8cA16D05e7330Bc383D5659

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The Roadmap


Peace, together with the "International Red Cross Society" and the "decentralized charity Dao organization", plans to start sending materials to the refugees in the war through fund-raising in February, and go to the front line of the war with Nansen international refugee organization to provide medical assistance to the refugees.


Peace will jointly publicize and promote the blockchain's global communities and industry's top we media platform resources, launch this charity fund-raising activity in the blockchain industry, and plan to launch major centralized exchanges such as Huo coin and Binance in April.


Peace will issue NFT of charity projects and unite with "International Red Cross", "decentralized charity Dao organization" and "Nansen international charity organization" to empower it, and use the funds obtained from NFT for charitable donations to refugees.


Work hard for peace cause forever.


Gallery of Peace


At the end of 2015, R3 CEV, a technology company of Internet finance, gathered an alliance composed of 42 well-known banks to study and discover the application of blockchain technology in the financial industry. The world's top financial institutions, including Barclays, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, ING, etc., work together through this alliance to figure out how blockchain should be used in the financial industry.

R3 Blockchain Alliance

It is an organization founded by the League of nations in 1930, named after the famous explorer and social activist Friedrich Nansen. The purpose of the organization is to inherit Nansen's will and provide relief to refugees after his death. In 1933, 14 international conferences on the prohibition of refugee persecution were held in Geneva.

Nansen International Refugee Organization

Founder of cryptocurrency community in Kiev and spiritual leader of Ukrainian blockchain. We strongly call for an end to the war and the right of everyone to peace.

Michael kobanian

Founder of forklog's cryptocurrency news website and a famous anti war figure, participated in the United Nations humanitarian relief operation in 2016 and was awarded the United Nations peace Ambassador medal.

Anatoly Kaplan

Co-founder of the distributed lab and the organizer of the blockchain rooftop annual conference, dedicated to the research of blockchain technology to improve the world.

Pavel Kravchenko


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